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The Cloud
About seven years ago we decided to build our own cloud computing platform.  As you can probably imagine, this was not a trivial decision.
work desk
If you’re determined to be more productive and spend less time fighting with your emails this year, CommArc founder and CEO Phil Johnson might have just the thing for you.
Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin (and other digital currencies), a type of encrypted and globally distributed digital ledger. Blockchain is not a strictly financial tool.
Meryll is an experienced law firm CEO and business consultant who knows the struggles and triumphs of leadership, and has developed effective strategies for the modern business.
Service Desk hours
From the new year, we’re changing our Service Desk hours to better cater to the busiest times of the day.
Embrace change
Change can be scary, but it shouldn’t be shied away from. A good IT provider will, from time to time, go to its clients and suggest that very thing. It’s almost always for a very good reason.
Office 365
There is some confusion around Office 365, including what you get, what it costs and perhaps more importantly, if it is good for Microsoft, is it good for me?
domain names
Changing company names and Internet domain names is as common as changing your underwear these days, particularly for legal firms. But what happens to the old names?
Two factor authentication
Two factor authentication is rapidly becoming the new norm when it comes to password protection and site security.
online scams
A warning recently from the NZ Law society to its members to be vigilant against “phishing” scams brings home the importance of vigilance and awareness around email scams.
The single most important asset your business has is its information. It’s the engine that drives business – all that who, what, where, when and why data.