Embrace change - it's a good thing!

Embrace change

Change can be scary, but it shouldn’t be shied away from.

Every now and then, a good IT provider will go to its clients and suggest a change.

This can make some people uncomfortable, and it’s natural for businesses to be allergic to change. Human beings like things to stay as they are. Familiarity breeds comfort faster than it breeds contempt, after all.

So why would a service provider actively recommend change?

Because they should, basically.

Because what worked yesterday won’t always work tomorrow. Your IT provider is at the forefront of a lot of change that puts them in the perfect position to identify improvements that will work for you, fast. And if something is going to make life easier, business more profitable or free up time for you and your staff, why wouldn’t you embrace that?

Independence matters

As CommArc founder and CEO Phil Johnson says, it may come down to a company’s independence.

“An independent provider is not beholden to any one provider or supplier. All IT firms should always be on the lookout for what works best, but not everyone can change who they form allegiances with from time to time.

“That’s why being independent is so important to CommArc - not because of margins or profitability but because we can identify something that will work better for our clients. It’s all about them.”

Johnson says it’s quite simple, really.

“It’s in our interest to help our customers get better, because as they get better and grow, we go along for the ride.

“There will be times, as there have been in the past, where a product peaks in its maturity. If we’re suggesting change, it’s because we believe it’s necessary to ensure our customers are getting optimum performance from their products and services.

“Our focus is, and has been for the last 25 years, on the best of breed – we look at what something does and whether it does it best, rather than who makes or supplies it.”

It’s this adaptability and neutrality that ensures CommArc clients get what they need.

Trust is a must

“There’s an implicit trust in our relationships with our clients,” says CommArc chief architect, Simon Langford.

“We really do know best when it comes to technology, and our customers trust us to make the best recommendations based on what we know. At the forefront, always, is the future of their business, because that dictates the future of ours.”

In an industry where change is a constant, CommArc embraces the challenge and works with its clients to make that change work for them.

It’s essential to business. It keeps you at the top of your game and embracing change is a sure fire way of making sure everyone wins.